Ash With Black Vertical Line Internal Door-Paint-free


Step into the future with HD-041, a sleek and durable door offering innovation and elegance as a centerpiece of your home.

Features of the door : PET, Paint-free, Silent, and Environmentally friendly.

1981x686x40mm HD-041686
1981x762x40mm HD-041762
1981x813x40mm HD-041813



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Design Concept: Crafting a Doorway to Modernity
HD-041 is an embodiment of modern design, bridging the gap between traditional function and contemporary aesthetic. It’s a doorway that offers more than just passage; it’s a statement of style and a commitment to modern living standards.

Product Description:
HD-041 offers a vision of the future with its sleek lines and advanced materials. This door isn’t just a part of the home; it’s a centerpiece that stands out, offering a blend of innovation and elegance.

Unique Features:
The door’s design provides a balance between privacy and openness, with a look that’s both forward-thinking and inviting. It’s about reimagining the possibilities of what a door can be, extending an invitation to enter a space that’s both safe and welcoming.

Durability Meets Design:
With HD-041, expect a product that lasts through years of use without losing its appeal or compromising on quality. This door is designed to withstand the rigors of daily life while maintaining its modern appeal.

Product Code: Unique design code 3WD07
Materials: High-quality materials engineered for longevity
Style Keywords: Modern, Sleek, Innovative, Durable, Stylish, Accessible.

HD-041 isn’t just an entryway—it’s an enhancement to the aesthetic flow of your space, designed to complement the contemporary home with sophistication and functionality.

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Suggested Minimum Skill Level Low DIY & Basic Joinery Tools Required.
Thickness 40mm
Delivery Service See the delivery icon on the product page.
Construction Solid Core
Hinges 3 Hinges Requested
Weight 30-35kg
Important All doors have been prepared with holes for door locks and door handles.
Fitting Tip

Some doors have a very small frame at all edges and have a designated hinge side and lock side, be careful when fitting.