Oak Skirting Board Prefinished 13mm x 77mm x 2400mm


Learn how to cover wood floor expansions and add a touch of elegance to your room with 13mm thick Skirting Boards. Protect your walls while enhancing style.




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13mm thick Oak Skirting Boards with Ogee design, prefinished, allowing you to choose the exact finish you need for your Skirting Boards to finish your room.

  • Measure & Cut to size (mitre corners and joins where possible), fix using gun adhesive and/or screws and plugs, fill holes amd then finish as required.
  • Internal Skiritng & Architrave

Features and Benefits

  • No Finger Joints
  • Fully Finished
  • 13mm x 77mm x 2400mm Dimensions
  • Easy to Cut & Fix
  • Use to Cover Expansion in Wood Floors
  • Protect Walls from Damage
Suggested Minimum Skill Level Low DIY & Basis Joinery Tools Required.
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Dimentions 13MM x 77MM x 2400MM
Construction Solid Core
Finish Fully Finished
Type Ogee