Internal Fire Door In Zeppelin Grey With Gold Design


Enhance your home with the resilient and stylish Grey Fire door from HD-001. Superior durability, impeccable design, and exceptional sound insulation.

Features of the door: PET, Paint-free, Silent, Fire-rated, and Environmentally friendly.

1981x686x45mm HD-001686FD30
1981x762x45mm HD-001762FD30
1981x813x45mm HD-001813FD30



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Our “Dark Elegance” door is engineered to stand the test of time. The structure is fortified to provide unmatched stability, preventing deformation over time despite fluctuations in temperature and humidity. With this door, enduring style does not compromise resilience.

Each door undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure that only the best products reach our customers. The door’s smooth, seamless surface is not just pleasing to the eye but also touch, promising a tactile experience as impressive as its visual allure.

Our commitment to quality means that every HD-001 looks impeccable and provides optimal functionality. Its solid core construction ensures excellent sound insulation, offering a serene and quiet indoor environment. At the same time, the door’s durability stands up to the daily demands of a busy household.

For an entrance that makes a statement of luxury and style, the HD-001 “Dark Elegance” is the perfect choice. Its understated design is ideal for creating an atmosphere of sophistication and exclusivity.

Product Highlights:

Exquisite dark finish suitable for various decor styles.
Superior durability and resistance to warping and environmental factors.
Exceptional sound insulation properties.
A seamless, smooth surface for a sophisticated tactile and visual experience.
High-quality materials and construction for lasting performance.

Available as a fire-resistant Door FD30, designed to withstand flames and prevent the spread of fire and smoke for a minimum duration of 30 minutes. The “FD30” rating indicates the door’s fire resistance performance when tested in accordance with certain fire safety standards. These doors play a crucial role in building fire safety strategies, offering occupants more time to evacuate safely in the event of a fire.

Endorse your home with the HD-001, where elegance and quality meet to redefine your space.

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Suggested Minimum Skill Level Low DIY & Basic Joinery Tools Required.
Thickness 45mm
Delivery Service See the delivery icon on the product page.
Construction Solid Core
Hinges 3 Hinges Requested
Weight 30-35kg
Important All doors have been prepared with holes for door locks and door handles.
Fitting Tip

Some doors have a very small frame at all edges and have a designated hinge side and lock side, be careful when fitting.