Two Tone Grey With Gold Plates-1/2 Hour Fire Door


Discover the artful blend of textures and forms that enhance any living space with HD-030 while balancing complexity and simplicity in design.

Features of the door: PET, Paint-free, Silent, Fire-rated, and Environmentally friendly.

1981x686x45mm HD-030686FD30
1981x762x45mm HD-030762FD30
1981x813x45mm HD-030813FD30



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Design Concept: Exquisite Complexity within Simplified Forms
This design is a nod to the intricate balance between complexity and simplicity, offering an aesthetic that is rich in detail without overwhelming the space. It embodies the philosophy that complexity need not be chaotic but can be seamlessly integrated into minimalist designs.

Product Description:
HD-030 is characterized by a sophisticated yet restrained design language that speaks volumes without the need for ostentation. It demonstrates the power of subtlety in a form that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.

Key Features: HD-030 Unique Aspects
The product stands out with its artful blend of textures and forms, creating a visual narrative that is both engaging and understated. It serves the dual purpose of functionality and art, enhancing the environment it occupies.

Functional Analysis:
With HD-030, the functionality is as considered as the design. It fulfills the user’s needs while acting as a sculptural element that enriches the living space. Its utility is matched by its ability to blend into and accentuate its surroundings.

Product Tones: Sleek monochromatic with textural accents
Materials: Crafted with premium materials for lasting quality
Style Keywords: Intricate, Minimalist, Sophisticated, Artistic, Functional, and Cohesive.

HD-030 represents an art piece as much as a furniture item, integrating complex beauty within the framework of modern simplicity.

Available as a Fire resistant Door FD30- designed to withstand flames and prevent the spread of fire and smoke for a minimum duration of 30 minutes. The “FD30” rating indicates the fire resistance performance of the door when tested in accordance with certain fire safety standards. These doors play a crucial role in fire safety strategies for buildings, offering occupants more time to evacuate safely in the event of a fire.

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Suggested Minimum Skill Level Low DIY & Basic Joinery Tools Required.
Thickness 45mm
Delivery Service See the delivery icon on the product page.
Construction Solid Core
Hinges 3 Hinges Requested
Weight 30-35kg
Important All doors have been prepared with holes for door locks and door handles.
Fitting Tip

Some doors have a very small frame at all edges and have a designated hinge side and lock side, be careful when fitting.